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Ready To Get Your Own Webinar Profit Engine Built And Ready To Profit?

Join The Ranks Of High-Ticket Webinar Marketers Who, Just Like You, Saw The Opportunity... Leveraged It... And Have Built 6, 7 And 8 Figure Businesses!

Hi, I'm John Thornhill... 

After 6 long years of one painful business failure after another, I finally made my first $100,000 with affiliate marketing in 2005. 

I then launched my flagship coaching program in 2008 and have since generated over $5 million in sales using webinars.

Now I've combined the two approaches in my updated Ambassador Program that allows anyone to join the ranks of high-ticket webinar marketers... without having to create their own products or be live on webinars.

Why I Created This Program...

The most important area that entrepreneurs need to focus on if they want to make more money is sales.

And the #1 way to generate sales online is through LIVE webinars.

The problem is running live webinars requires you to trade your time for money. 

So we realized that we needed to find a solution that allowed us to leverage the #1 way to make sales on the internet... without spending all our time doing live webinars.

That's why we created the "Webinar Profit Engine" process!

We wanted to bring you the very BEST way for coaches and consultants, course creators, and affiliates to generate sales online... 

And we wanted to AUTOMATE the process so that you're no longer trading your time for money!

However, most automated webinars are missing key elements that are destroying their conversions. Things like...

You lose attention because your "webinar" is just a video on a webpage
Your video takes time to buffer
There's no live chat or interactive elements to keep attendees engaged 
Your webinar does not feel live, which kills the energy
You can't personalize follow-up messages based on the actions your attendees took during the webinar

That's why I created the Ambassador Program... and included ALL of the "multipliers" you can deploy to optimize your webinar and make it more profitable!

What To Expect From This Program

Before The Program:

Convinced you need an offer of your own to generate sales, but not knowing what steps to take
No marketing system to bring in leads and customers
Having the ambition, but no idea where to start
Feeling confused, lost, or stuck while trying to make an online business work

After The Program:

A high-converting affiliate Webinar Profit Engine built and ready to profit almost immediately
A proven, predictable marketing system that generates sales and income on autopilot
A clear, step-by-step plan to create the business and life of your dreams
Feeling confident and even unstoppable on the path to success

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Launch Your Own Webinar Profit Engine Using The Same Blueprint, Templates And Strategies That I've Personally Used... 

To Generate Over $5,000,000 With My Webinars, On Autopilot!

Here's What You'll Get

You'll get instant access to everything you need to launch your Webinar Profit Engine and skyrocket your webinar conversions. 

From step by step training to my own highest-converting templates that you can use for your own business...

You'll have all the training, tools and resources you need to create your own Webinar Profit Engine!

Everything You Need To Know Is Covered Inside...

Component #1

Done For You Webinar Profit Engine

Want to profit from #1 way to make sales online, but don't have your own product to sell? Don't worry...

I'll let you clone my 7 figure Webinar Profit Engine and use it in your own business!
This tested and proven webinar works like crazy to generate leads and sales for you...
With just a few clicks you'll have your own affiliate Webinar Profit Engine built and ready to profit!

Component #2

My Best Converting Registration Page

Want to skip the "trial and error" process and use my very BEST converting webinar registration page?

I'm going to give you the EXACT registration page I use, that converts better than anything else I've tested!
My graphic designer has cloned this page for you, so you can get your registration page and up-and-running in just minutes...
All you have to do is add your personal info and you're ready to start collecting registrants!

Component #3

99 Days Of Automated Email Follow-Ups

You'll instantly be able to start promoting 15 of the BEST converting affiliate offers that pay me every month.

Want to become an affiliate, and promote other people's products? The secret to success is finding the RIGHT offers to promote...
Not all affiliate offers are created equal. With MANY years of experience as an affiliate, I've learned what to look for in an offer...
That's why I'm giving you my 15 top affiliate offers, along with all the ready-made email promotions for these offers as well!

Component #4

Done For You Affiliate Program

One of the most effective ways to promote and drive traffic to your Webinar Profit Engine is to partner with affiliates. But how?

I'm giving you the exact JV page that I use to recruit affiliates, so 99% of the work is already done for you...
Plus, every customer your Webinar Profit Engine generates automatically becomes your affiliate...
This allows you to make money when other people are promoting our products!

Component #5

Done For You Pre-Webinar Lead Magnet

You'll get your very own free report that you can use to remind your registrants of the importance of attending your webinar.

This acts as a powerful pre-webinar engagement tool to "warm up" your registrants and dramatically boost your show-up rate...
Gives you instant trust and credibility, which leads to higher conversions on the webinar...
Includes a 9-part email sequence that does all the heavy lifting of getting people onto the webinar for you, 100% automatically!

Component #6

Webinar Profit Engine Masterclass

I'll walk you through how to build and grow your own Webinar Profit Engine, step by step.

Watch over my shoulder as I show you how to set the entire system up, in practically no time at all!
Let the "engine" activate every single Profit Multiplier to maximize your sales...
Then, in only a handful of days your ClickBank account could be FLOODED with high-ticket commissions!

It's a 99% done for you "business in a box"

No selling, tech skills, or online experience required

No need to record your voice or be live on-camera

You just focus on driving traffic and getting paid

PLUS, Join The Ambassador Program Now And... 

You'll Also Get 5 HUGE Bonuses!


We'll show you how to generate massive traffic to your Webinar Profit Engine.


You'll have the opportunity to publish a guest post on John's blog every month for an entire year. He will promote each post to his 20K+ subscribers to bring you hands-free traffic and sales.


We'll make it simple and easy to launch by building your first Webinar Profit Engine for you. Just fill out a form and our team gets to work!


We'll generate quality buyer traffic and send your fair share to you every single month via our revolutionary new "traffic rotation" system.


Once you hit $10K in sales, John will personally spend 90 minutes with you 1-on-1, focused on helping you scale your Webinar Profit Engine to 6 figures or more.

TOTAL VALUE: $50,345.00


You'll sit down with me and watch over my shoulder as I walk you through every step of the setup process, from A to Z.


We're handing you a ready-made "business in a box" that is 99% done for you. Your only task is to drive traffic (we show you how).


Not only do you get a complete "business in a box," you also get all the help and support you need to implement it.

Hurry! This Special Offer Expires Shortly

So sign up now to get the Ambassador Program at the best possible price ever offered... and with the best available FREE bonuses, too!

The Action-Taker Guarantee

The Ambassador Program arms you with my proven webinar funnel that has already generated millions AND gives you all of the coaching you need to make it work. I truly believe there is no better program to help you succeed online.

The 365-day 'action-taker' guarantee means I'll do everything I can over the next 365 days to help you succeed. If you follow the steps and attempt to drive traffic as shown in the training, you WILL see results. If you don't, then simply let me know at any point in the next 365 days and I will refund every single penny.

I do this because I am looking for action-takers who want to build a REAL online business, not people who will do nothing and then ask for their money back.

So if you are the type of person who buys something, does nothing with it and then seeks a refund, this program is NOT for you and you should click away now.

However, if you are the type of person who is prepared to take action and is serious about building a long-term income stream, then click the order button now and let's start working together.

I wouldn’t even offer this guarantee if this didn’t work.

I don't make a habit of giving coaching for free.

The reason I offer this guarantee is because the program works, and it works every single time because I’m very selective about who I accept.

There’s no risk, no uncertainty, and no unknowns.

You just implement the system and money comes out the other side.


This Is PERFECT For You If... 

You want to start a new online business and create an income stream based on ONE presentation that automatically generates sales for you, 24/7
You have an existing online business and want a simple way to increase your conversions and make more sales
You want to maximize your webinar conversions and generate more registrants, more attendees, and more buyers
You want a simple way to launch your own Webinar Profit Engine where 99% of the work has already been done FOR YOU

Now Is The Time To Take Advantage Of This Limited Time Offer, Before It Expires!

You Are Just 3 Steps Away From Launching Your Own Webinar Profit Engine...

1. Sign Up

Click the button below and choose your plan. My team will be waiting for you on the other side ready to get you started.

2. Launch

Follow the process laid out for you that shows you EXACTLY how to create your Webinar Profit Engine, step by step.


Sit back and watch your profits grow as the "engine" deploys every single Profit Multiplier to maximize your sales.

Ready To Get Started?

Take action and launch your Webinar Profit Engine in the next 27 minutes!

$1,200 Instant Discount Applied

regular price $1997

One-Time Investment of


(Includes Exclusive Bonuses Only Available From This Page) 

Done For You Webinar Profit Engine ($25,000 Value)
My Best Converting Registration Page ($1,000 Value)
99 Days Of Automated Email Follow-Ups ($9,900 Value)
Done For You Affiliate Program ($5,000 Value)
Done For You Pre-Webinar Lead Magnet ($2,000 Value)
Webinar Profit Engine Masterclass ($500 Value)
BONUS #1: Traffic Trifecta Training ($995 Value) 
BONUS #2: Monthly Guest Blog Post ($1,200 Value)
BONUS #3: Done For You WPE Setup ($250 Value)
BONUS #4: Done For You Traffic Kickstart ($3,000 Value)
EXCLUSIVE ADDITIONAL BONUS: Private Scaling Session With John ($1,500 Value)

Total Value: $50,345.00

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this still work for me even if I don't know how to drive traffic?

Yes. We actually drive "kickstart" traffic for you to your Webinar Profit Engine for 90 days so you get paid without lifting a finger. Then we show you how to drive even more traffic so you can scale up fast.

Can I do this without spending a fortune on software and tools?

Yes. You don't need any expensive tools, software, or fancy equipment to get great results with this. All you need is a free ClickBank account so that we can pay you and an AWeber Plus account ($20/month) to set up the email automations. That's it.

I don't have much time. Can I still do this?

Yes. Don't get me wrong, trying to build all of this on your own would be extremely time-consuming. But with this 99% of the work is already done for you. We give you our proven 7-figure webinar, we send you traffic to that webinar, and you get paid. It's that simple.

I don't have an email list. Will this still work?

Yes. You don't need a list to do this because we are going to help you build one. Not only are we giving you your very own free report and opt-in page that you can use to generate leads and subscribers, but we'll even drive traffic to that page for you!

I don't want to create my own products. Is this still for me?

Yes. You don't need to spend time creating your own products because we're giving you an entire library of proven offers that you can sell as your own. We even give you all the ready-made email promotions that do all the selling for you. It's plug-and-play simple.

Can I do this from anywhere in the world?

Yes. This literally works anywhere in the world with an internet connection. I've seen people all over the world succeed with this business model... in spite of political issues, poor infrastructure, and slow internet connections. If they can do it, YOU can do it too!

What happens if I get stuck? Can I get help?

Yes. We take great pride in the support we offer and will be here to walk alongside you every step of the way. You can reach out to our expert team for help or guidance whenever you need it. We've got your back.

I'm a newbie. Is it easy to get started?

Yes. Once you get inside the member's area, you'll need to provide us with your ClickBank ID so that we know where to send your money. Then, follow the rest of the simple setup instructions and in only a handful of days your ClickBank account could be flooded with high-ticket commissions.

I don't want to show my face or record my voice. Will this still work for me?

Yes. We get it. You don't want to come across as "salesy" or plaster your face all over the internet. John will be doing all of the selling for you so that you don't have to. Instead, you get to hide behind your computer and just count the commissions.

I get distracted easily. Will I still get paid?

Yes. Once you set this system up like we show you, there is little to no additional work required from you. Remember, we are going to be sending you our traffic and customers for 90 days. So even if you DO lose focus, it won't matter because you'll still be making sales and getting paid!

I'm not an "expert." Can I still make money with this?

Yes. You don't have to spend 10,000 hours becoming an expert because you get to leverage all of our expertise, credibility and proof. It's as close to "done for you" as we can possibly make it!

Can I really make money without doing anything?

Yes. Not only do we give you the products, but we also drive traffic to those products FOR YOU so that you get paid without doing anything. We even help you build your own email list for long-term profits.

I'm not technical. Can I still do this?

Yes. There are no technical skills required because all of the "heavy lifting" has already been done for you. As long as you know how to use the internet, check your email and log in to our member's area, you have everything you need to make this work.

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